A responsible travel, in partnership with Greentripper

Doing something for the planet while travelling? Sure, you can! By choosing to travel with us, you ensure that all the CO2 gas emissions produced during your trip will be compensated by funding environmental projects. 

Thus, the memorable moments we’ll share together will help improve the living conditions of a disadvantaged population.


No, rest assured, you will not spend your stay cycling from one activity to another. Our partner, Greentripper and Nani Travels take care of everything. Our carbon offset program allows us to invest in environmental projects in order to balance out our own carbon footprints.

Together, we calculated all the CO2 gas emissions produced during your trip and financially compensate them – all the money goes to help provide drinking water in Uganda. 

Thus, our colleagues at Greentripper ensure that families in Kaliro, Uganda, have access to safe water wells, avoiding the use of fires to sterilize water.

The effects ?

Climatic,  by reducing CO2 emissions from fires

Environmental, by preserving the biodiversity and reducing deforestation due to the demand for wood for fire

Economical, by providing jobs in well maintenance and monitoring but also in community education

Sanitary, by reducing the risks and respiratory diseases resulting from the consumption of non-potable water and the ingestion of smoke from fires

Social, through a time allocation free of the constraint of domestic water sterilization, thus available for childcare or parental care

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