We are the kids of the Pacific.

We are all driven by the desire to show the world how magnificent and precious our home is. But differently. We want to share with you its real, deep, raw, historic beauty.

Our generation has been witnessing the damage caused by globalisation and mass-tourism on the environment and culture of destinations. We came together as we wanted to protect the Pacific from those impacts.

Stepping away from the clichéd postcards of Tahiti, we want to come back to the essence of travelling: exploring the Earth and meeting the Humans.

We cannot change the world but we can plant seeds to try and initiate a positive change.

Alexandrine Wan 

CEO and founder

My favourite spot: the lagoon of Faa’a where you can find the old vestige of a plane, home to so many fish.

My favourite way of starting the day: say thank you for this new day, kiss my fiancé and do a 10-minute meditation whilst the sun goes up.

What I always bring with me on a holiday: my natural medication kit holding essential oils and traditional remedies.

Timeri Izal Céran-Jerusalemy 

Project Manager

My favourite spot: at water, watching the light sculpting the landscape or the rain drops kissing the surface of the sea.

My favourite way of starting the day: an early surf session to watch the sun rising and witness the first rays spread on the island.

What I always bring with me on a holiday: my sketchbook to seize the moment by drawing.

Jade Vigouroux

Sales and Marketing Manager

My favourite spot: the Papenoo bay, amazing place for sunset – watching the sun go down whilst the surfers hit the last waves.

My favourite way of starting the day: a swim to the reef where I stand for a bit and catch the strength of the breaking waves.

What I always bring with me on a holiday: my running shoes to climb all the mountains and run surrounded by the most unreal scenery.


We work with impact-driven people ensuring our projects have  the best results both on the environment and the local cultural heritage.


Biology marine scientist and environmental project manager

As a young marine biologist, I am convinced that the protection of the environment and its biodiversity depends on the goodwill of us all, Humans, to preserve and enhance this unique and precious heritage.

By sharing the natural and cultural richness of our Fenua, our team not only offers our visitors the opportunity to discover nature but also awakens the desire to protect it.


Cultural specialist and project manager

Our ancestors hand down theirs lands, hand over theirs legends and left with us a part of their history. It is now the role of generation to promote, develop and share this heritage.

This is why I’m daily learning our history. For a better preservation of this heritage left by our ancestors.

What I love is to be able, through Nani, to deliver our messages of confidence and respect towards our history, of humility towards the environment and to share the faith we have in the humanity with travellers.

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