How To Be A Sustainable & Happy Traveller

Nani Golden Rules

Rule 1

Protect Marine Life

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Rule 2

Pick Natural products

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Rule 3

Reduce your ecological footprint

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Rule 4

Be A Wise Traveler

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Rule 5

Support Local Initiatives

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Rule 6

Say Ia Ora Na and Mauru'uru

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Protect Marine Life

Did you know ? 

✽ Corals are living beings and habitats for fish. They already suffer from global warming : they don’t need to be walked on!

✽ Only zoo animals need humans to get their food, wild ones learn to hunt from an early age.

Why doing this ?

✽ Be mindful of the corals surrounding.Watch out, you are not the only living being on the place !

✽ You, as a visitor, are coming once to see the animals of our sea. Your action on these can have an impact for many years. 

✽ If you don’t pay attention, animals and plants can die immediately  or slowly by modifying their behaviors.

How to do that ?

✽ If you need to rest underwater, hang on dead corals (grey ones or those completely infested with algae).

✽ Avoid all activities modifying the natural behavior of animals , like feeding. Let them hunt by themselves !

Pick Natural Products

Did you know ?

✽ 14 000 tons of sunscreen are released in ocean each year !

✽ Chemicals act as endocrine disruptor and cause coral bleaching, marine life infections, DNA damages, reproduction defects and death. 

Why doing this ?

✽ Our lands and oceans are impacted by all the chemical products we use. Prefer biodegradable products as much as possible.

✽ Oceans are full of plastics and ecosystems tend to be impacted.

✽ Your body, Mother Earth and the Ocean will, sure, thank you for it.

How to do that ?

✽ Organic is orgasmic ! Prefer natural or eco-friendly products.

✽ Be sure that your products don’t have a negative impact on the local ecosystems as many sunscreens.

✽ You are having new cosmetics ? Avoid any silicon, paraben, oxybenzone & octinoxate when buying. 

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Did you know ?

✽ 9 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year in the world.

✽ Waste management is limited in islands and there is already 160 tons of non recyclable waste buried per day.

✽ 730 kilos of CO2 is issued for a one-way trip Los Angeles-Papeete.

Why doing this ?

✽ Wastes and CO2 are your two ennemies, avoid them !

✽ CO2, 1 simple rule : limit the activities with CO2 emissions.

How to do that ?

✽ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle : the 3R rules to limit your wastes.

✽ Prefer plastic-free products (e. g: bar soap, reusable water bottle…).

✽ Consume local food (and it tastes so much better !).

✽ Use low impact transport when possible.

✽ Carbon offset program allows you to compensate all the CO2 emitted by your plane trip. Check it out !

Be A Wise Traveler

Did you know ?

✽ Overcrowding can degrade ecosystems and cultural sites.

✽ Smart tourism can be a tool for a sustainable development of the local economy.

✽ As a consumer, you drive the market! If you require it to be sustainable, it will follow !

Why doing this ? 

✽ Some paradisiac places in other countries have been totally damaged by the touristic activity. We want our islands to be preserved and we count on you !

✽ Sometimes, activities are created just to please tourists and attract cash flows. Our beautiful culture could be threatened by the massive visits, please help us to keep our ancestral heritage safe and authentic.

How to do that ?

✽ Choose eco-responsible tours, accommodations, activities and souvenirs.

✽ Respect archeological sites and local beliefs.

✽ Avoid massively frequented groups and sites.

✽ Do not touch sacred objects.

✽ Do not buy products from protected species (e. g: sharks tooth, declining shells….).

✽ Prefer local craftsmanship.

Support Local Initiatives

Did you know ?

✽ At Nani, we want you to feel more than a simple tourist, you are part of French Polynesia: Polynesian culture promotes hospitality and sharing with foreigners.

✽ Some of your habits may have to be changed when travelling , for example : waste management is very different in islands than in your country.

Why doing this ?

✽ Be an ambassador for the preservation of local environmental and cultural heritage.

✽ Be part of a global movement : you are an actor of development.

How to do that?

✽ You can inform yourself about projects before visiting the islands.

✽ Meet local associations and discover what they do.

✽ Share the knowledge you received and experiences you lived.

✽ Be curious and ask questions !

Say Ia Ora Na and Mauru’uru

Did you know ?

✽ “Ia ora na” literally means “I wish you life”. We use it to say “hello”.

✽ “Mauru’uru” means “thank you”.

✽ Polynesian people are welcoming and really friendly.

Why doing it ?

✽ You are in Tahiti, you should immerse yourself to the land and culture. 

Locals learn to speak your language to improve the relations, why won’t you do the same ?

✽ Moreover, you should see the smile of a local when a foreign person speaks Tahitian. It is really pleasant !

How to do that?

Let the warmth of Polynesian people invade your heart and spread your good vibes !

✽ Smile and share your happiness to be here.

✽ Learn some words of Tahitian. Iaorana and Mauru’uru are the most basic.

✽ Be respectful towards the locals.

✽ Adapt your behavior according to how we live here. Some things you are doing in your country shouldn’t be doing here.


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