We’re on a mission to humanise travelling. We believe that what makes a travel beautiful is the Humans you meet on the road.

We work with impact-driven people, eager to preserve our environment, protect their cultures, and create a planet in harmony.

Travelling with us, you help further the work of local communities, NGO’s, scientists and explorers.

Travelling with us, you will meet the Humans that make our country so beautiful.

Travelling with us, you will help build a more sustainable world for us all to share.


We don’t necessarily choose our partners for their years of experience in the hospitality or tourism industry. Instead, we work with a “mama” met as we were learning how to weave at a festival, with a fisherman met whilst snorkeling on a Sunday, with a mountain guide who’s been a friend for years.

And we decided to partner because we share the same goal: enhancing and protecting our local heritage.

Together, we build an experience that is immersive and interesting for you, fair and respectful of their culture, harmless and sustainable for the environment.  

An encounter.

“The first time we met Doudoute and Papa Apon, we were deep in the middle of the valley.

We humbly asked them to tell us more about their life and their past, just to understand a little more about this place, through their eyes and words. And we couldn’t stop listening to the legends and stories those wise men had to share.

It took us hours and weeks to really understand what this place really was all about. It took us months and years to gain their trust and be part of their community. But it took us a second to know that we would do anything to help them preserve it.

Together we’ve shaped some amazing experiences where our visitors are the main actors. We are so proud of what we, locals and travellers, achieved together.

Few people are now working full time up in the mountains, giving them the chance to live where they’ve always belonged, to share their history and be proud of their identity.”

The Nani Team

This is how we work and create our experiences.

Every single moment spent with these communities is priceless to create meaningful expeditions. We build trust and relationship that will last forever.

We will never allow imposing, faking, destroying our local heritage for some superficial toursity acting.

The very first question we ask ourselves is “what do they do and how can we help further protect their passion, tradition, job”. It’s all about discovering gems and helping elevate this precious heritage.

We apply a sustainable strategy development for each experience we create, by taking into consideration the socio-cultural, environmental and economical impact of it, without crossing the acceptable line the community set.


We are the kids of the Pacific.

We know our home by heart, speak our native language, cook the best local food, share with you with the best stories and legends about French Polynesia.

Expect an immersive experience. Travelling like a local implies following some rules and respecting the traditions that have been around for centuries. We kindly ask all our travellers to follow these rules, to ensure your trip has the best positive impact on the places and people you visit.


Coral reef restoration

  • Working at saving the reef by planting more corals everyday with Coral Gardeners.
  • Creating an underwater educational trail for locals to understand better and protect their oceans.

Cultural heritage preservation

  • Helping build Fare Hape site, where the NGO Haururu daily works to preserve our cultural heritage and traditions
  • Financing kids to learn traditional Tahitian dance, music and language each time one of our travellers visit the Arioi cultural center.

Beach cleaning

We go beyond beach cleaning.

  • Working with communes to ensure a regular and efficient process to collect and recycle waste.
  • Creation of a magnificent piece of art, made from the trash we collect each week on the beach, so the population can assess the impact of the mass-consumption on their environment.

Marine population monitoring

  • Travelling with us, you will help monitoring the cetacean and shark population and the impact tourism has on these species. Working with international organisations, we daily send these information to help build Obsenmer and Reefcheck database to save our reefs and oceans.


For every expedition booked with us, we thought of a way to give back to the ones most in need.

Book a Health & Well-Being expedition, and we’ll take an abused woman on a safe, cocooning and relaxing trip where they can also feel well and focus on their health.
Learn more here with our partner, the Paul and Mareva Marciano Foundation.

Book an Adventure expedition and we’ll sponsor a kid to learn surfing and reconnect to their favourite playground, the ocean. Learn more here with our partner SOS Village D’enfant.

Going on an Eco-Focused expedition, you will plant your very own coral and support local NGOs to save the reef but also restore local flora and fauna of our valley.
Learn more here with our partner FAPE.

On a cultural expedition, you will further help our country develop an organic, local and natural agriculture that will delight your palate at the local restaurant. We are what we eat they
Learn more here with our partner BIO FETIA.

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