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The Eco-Friendly Expedition – Tahiti & Moorea

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Embark on an eco-friendly expedition in  Tahiti. Admire, discover and help us protect the Polynesian biodiversity!

We, islanders, live so close to nature and largely depend on it. And any change in this natural balance can be noticed way quicker than anywhere else. Having said that, sustainability in French Polynesia is not really an option. It is a way of life we have to follow to preserve our environment and our identity, based on our Polynesian ancestors’ practices.

On this expedition, you will meet the most passionate and impact-driven people of our islands. This is your opportunity to fully immerse yourselves in our environment and have the best positive impact on it.

Explore, observe and understand better the many and varied ecosystems of French Polynesia. From the marine to the terrestrial ecosystems, you will be directly acting towards the preservation of what makes our islands so unique: their biodiversity.

Join us on this eco-friendly expedition in Tahiti and be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

*Please note that 18 years-old children and over only can join the experience.

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  • Help save the reef working on a coral reef restoration project
  • E-bike around the pineapple fields of Mo'orea
  • Help understand and monitor sharks and stingrays local population
  • Live at the pace of a very restricted local NGO


By choosing this expedition, you will participate in our coral reef restoration project and therefore have a direct impact on our main source of oxygen, food and work.

Plus, when booking this expedition, 3% of Nani's benefits will directly be donated to the FAPE (Federation of Environmental Organisations), gathering all the NGO's working towards the perservation of the environment in French Polynesia.

Together with Greentripper, we created a carbon offset program allowing us to invest in environmental projects in order to balance out our own carbon footprints. We calculated all the CO2 gas emissions produced during your trip and financially compensate them - all the money goes to help provide drinking water in Uganda. Thus, our colleagues at Greentripper ensure that families in Kaliro, Uganda, have access to safe water wells, avoiding the use of fires to sterilize water and limiting C02 gas emissions.


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Day 1 - The valley.

Start your expedition by immersing yourself into our lush valley. Discover our endemic species and explore the biggest botanical garden of our island.
As a sustainable tour operator, we are the only ones allowed to visit the valley of Peva and limited to one visit per month to preserve the natural behaviours of the ecosystems.

Day 2 - The pineapple fields.

Hop on the ferry and make your way to Tahiti's island sister, Mo'orea. Grab a bike (an e-bike, we promise...) and follow us around the pineapple fields of the island. Learn more about our local resources and agriculture, explore our highest mountains and discover the biodiversity of our lands.

Day 3 - The marine life.

You've largely explored the lands, it's about time you take a real dip into our blue lagoons! Get ready to meet, admire and understand the animals of our oceans... Indeed, we're taking you on an excursion with very special guests: sharks and stingrays! Help our scientists monitoring marine populations and recording their behaviours.

Day 4 - The coral reefs.

Today is another day spent in the water. But not like any other travellers, today, you will help on a project very close to our hearts: coral reef restoration. Follow your guide and do your part in saving the reefs: learn more about the importance of reefs, join a coral cutting workshop and plant your very own coral to rebuild a healthy reef.

Day 5 - The mountains.

After two days in the water, we're going high up in the mountains (no panic, the 4x4 is taking you up there!). Explore a very sacred valley and sleep in a traditional village. There, you will meet and live at the pace of a very restricted local NGO and community only Nani Travelers get to spend so much time with, working to protect our traditions and culture. Hike up to waterfalls, visit ancestral cult places, and ask questions away about our culture and History !

Day 6 - More mountains !

You never really know what will be happening up there in the mountains. The community could be cooking, weaving, harvesting. Follow your intuition and explore the valley and our biodiversity with them. This is your chance to learn a lot about our culture and ecosystems.

Day 7 - The ocean.

Back at the sea ! Today, we're heading to Teahupoo, where the mythic tahitian waves hide.
Hop on a boat, we're going on an adventure ! Explore the wildest and most remote part of our island, where the ocean rules.
You'll discover the "rahui", a marine protected area organised and preserved by the local community and learn about its important role in our ecosystem.
Food will be cooked fresh from the boat deck and served by the sea: lunch with a view at its best !

Day 8 - The wild road trip.

For the final day together, we're going on a road trip ! Follow us along the coast and discover some of our favourite spots around. Have a final look at our biodiversity and let you guide through gardens, waterfalls, beaches... before your last goodbye to the natural beauty our island.

Included/Not Included

  • 24/7 guide for your group only (4-8 persons maximum)
  • Airport pick-up
  • All transports (private minivan, private 4x4, ferry boat, private boat)
  • All meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners)
  • All accomodations (hotel, lodges, traditional village)
  • All activities
  • Donations to Tamarii Pointe des Pêcheurs, coral reef restoration NGO
  • First aid kit and 24/7 assistance
  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Visa
  • Welcome kit
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips


Is this tour made for me?
You're a nature lover. You feel comfortable in the water and in the mountains ; you want to learn more about our different ecosystems and help preserve them ; you're young at heart and very much hands on. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime !
When will I receive more information on the detailed itinerary?
"Nothing to worry about. You will receive a detailed travel journal once you've booked your expedition and proceeded to full payment.
You will find ALL the information you need there: activities, times, meals, transfers, what to pack and a few tips on the destination. Along with your detailed program, you will receive our Golden Rules, so we all ensure to have the right attitude and the best positive impact whilst travelling together."
How can I inform you of any special requests, needs or preferences ?
Please fill in the ""More about you"" field while checking out, writting anything important we should know before your arrival.
Wether you follow a special diet, have a handicap or deal with allergies, we will do our best to accomodate you during your experience.

Please, get in touch if you'd like to make this moment even more special. Wether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or anything important, we can organise something for you. Send us an email (iaorana@nani-travels.com) and we'll share with you offers and costs.
What if the weather is not on our side ?
We are only the visitors of the planet, and Mother Nature remains our big boss ! We adapt our planning to the weather when needed and always have a plan B to make sure we all enjoy our time and remain safe. And wether it's raining or not, it's always 30 degrees, so not much to complain about !
Why young children (-18yo) cannot attend this expedition ?
We believe this expedition is all about focusing on nature, and yourself. Don't get us wrong, we love kids but we're not sure they would feel at ease trying to snorkel around sharks and observe endemic species !
Most of our activities require to feel comfortable in the water and the mountains, so relax, enjoy and focus on your next adventure !
The dates of the tour don't meet my agenda :( anything else you can offer ?
To ensure the quality of our expeditions and to respect the local environment and communities, we do not run the same tour on a weekly basis. You can always look at our other expeditions or choose a Daily Activity that fits your stay in French Polynesia.
If I arrive earlier or stay longer , could you help me book accomodations and activities ?
DEFINITELY ! We'd be more than happy to help you out and recommend the best spots around. Email us with any questions and feel free to take a look to all our daily experiences to build yourself the best trip !
You can reach us out at iaorana@nani-travels.com
Can I feel safe on this tiny island lost in the Pacific ocean ?
Of course ! Some of you might be worried because we're so tiny and in the middle of nowhere, but we do have a great health system. Plus, you're never left alone and our guide will always be looking after you.


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