“Ia Orana,

My name is Alexandrine, 26 years old, 1,56 meters (I’m small but watch out), born and raised on the island of Tahiti and travelled the world to deepen my knowledge on tourism and sustainable development.

Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to save the world and help people who didn’t have the same privilege as me. Unfortunately, just like everyone, I had to earn money to live and had to get what they call… a “proper” job. Boring, right?

But people tend to forget that all the greatness in this world has started with a simple dream and passionate and dedicated people…

One day, a friend asked me, “what are you good at?”, to which I answered “I’m good at hosting people and putting a smile on their face”. Far for me to think that this could actually be a source of inspiration and creation.

Whilst I was travelling countless countries learning and discovering the world, my mother left us 7 years ago, urging me to live my dreams and honor her memory. Nani means “beauty” in Polynesian languages, and was also the name of this loving Tahitian lady, radiating the warmth and hospitality of our islands through her smile.

This company is a tribute to this amazing woman that shaped many lives and reflects the purity and joy of Polynesia. Nani was our loving mother and left behind her Faith, Love Confidence and Humility for us all to learn and share.

Traveling to a different country and sometimes further is an experience that changes your life, shape who you are and reminds you that time is precious.”


Founder and CEO


Nani left behind her a number of values which we want to honor. They shape the way we work and the way we create our expeditions.

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