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A word from us.

We are young islanders from French Polynesia, our paradise. Proud of our Polynesian culture, our identity. Together, we are willing to achieve something that will matter.

Our deep love for our land, its people, its history, its traditions and its values make us aware of how important our legacy is, and we want to save and share it with you. We love meeting new people that will become friends and gathering memories for life. We crave for learning from you so that we can grow together.

We are passionate about LIFE ! Mother Nature has so much to give us and is also our playground – from the deepest ocean to the top of the mountain.

The knowledge our elders have left us is so precious. The latest and nature are fused together, and we are committed to preserve this strong bound in a sustainable way so that future generations can enjoy it and be proud of it as well.


My favourite spot: anywhere in the mountains or the ocean. But Sapinus really is a special place by night and day, it’s perfect.

My favourite way of starting the day: snorkeling to the reef, watching turtles and leopard rays peacefully passing by; surfers doing what they love; Moorea standing in front of me; the great valley of Punaruu behind me… and myself in the middle of it all, feeling free, light and blessed. You can only feel grateful and happy after this.

What I always bring with me on holidays: a big smile because I’m on holiday!


My favourite spot: Taha’a ,the island of my mother. Everything I know comes from there: my roots, my knowledge of our islands, my bond with the nature …

My favourite way of starting the day: stay a bit longer in bed, jump in the salty water for a surfing session and go fishing for breakfast.

What I always bring with me on holidays: happiness, craziness and wildness: the must-have for a great holiday.


My favourite spot: Hometown, Maharepa. The best people and awesome landscapes, specially from the reef!

My favourite way of starting the day: coffee and cuddles in bed… but since I only have my pillow to cuddle, I’ll say coffee.

What I always bring with me on holidays: good vibes!


My favourite spot: anywhere I feel connected to Mother Earth.

My favourite way of starting the day: a glass of water to cleanse my body and start the day with a fresh mind.

What I always bring with me on holidays: my own sunshine.


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